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  • Forecast the future 
  • Point out further implications or significant aspects of your purpose
  • Return to your opening facts, comparison, question, etc.
  • Summarize your main points 
  • Call for action

EXAMPLE: For these reasons, the state should pass laws to make hand held car phones illegal. (This is not the complete conclusion. You will need to embellish the points you have made before you make your final statement.

Types of Conclusions

Strong Summary

Thus, it is unfortunate that each year too many high school seniors find themselves dealing with the difficult task of paying for their prom. Although raising the money does take effort, following the suggestions and guidelines mentioned in this essay can help make the job easier. Any senior who follows them can benefit and  can help make the job easier. Any senior who follows them can benefit and enjoy the prom.

Plea for Action

Our city must change the local zoning ordinance that permits fast food restaurants to be built next to the high school. The temptation for students to use them before, during, or after the school day could cause some serious injuries as kids rush across the street or hang out in the parking lot. Our students' safety is at risk if the city council does not change the zoning ordinance.

Forecast the future

It is evident that marijuana use is truly harmful to teens, and if this trend isn't stopped, we could see a generation of young people grow into adults who are not ambitious, diligent, or healthy. Even more worrisome is the strain illegal sales of marijuana would place on law enforcement and municipal courts when these teenagers are apprehended. In short, entire communities will be affected if marijuana use continues as a habit for young people.


N.B. Use action verbs. Avoid passive voice. Use sentence variety.

Keep most important information at the end of  each sentence and/or paragraph.


When you are writing an opinion of another author's work, you will follow the steps listed above.  However, in step 2 of your introductory paragraph, you will state the author's main idea, point or issue. After your introductory statement, (step l), you must give credit to the author.  For example, you would write, In the San Jose Mercury News article " Kids and Alcohol Don't Mix" by Joe Rodriquez he states that liquor store owners should lose their license the third time they are caught selling to minors. In step 3 you will mention the author's supporting details, reasons, or facts.  And in step 4 of your introductory paragraph you will state whether or not you agree with the author's opinions.  Your body paragraphs will then be the main points of the author in which you will use your own examples to either agree or refute.