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Urban Legends

Urban Legends

Directions:  Go to the following websites to answer the following questions.

Snopes Website

Urban legends website

 Use M.S. Word to write up your answers.   Be sure to use your own words.  When done print and save your work.  Do not plagiarize or simply copy and paste.


1.  Define Urban Legends.

2.  What is the difference between a myth and a legend?

3.  What criteria would you use to assess whether what you are reading is real or a hoax?

4.  What should you do, or where should you go, if you get an email and you want to know if it is true or not?

5.  Are urban legends always false?  Explain?

6. Why do you think in the last 15 years urban legends have spread so rapidly?

7.  Pick three current urban legends from Snopes and describe them.

8.  If you finish early create an urban legend of your own.