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The high school Minors' Program was started at Wilson High School in 1986.  The program is designed to meet the needs of students ages fourteen to nineteen years of age who desire a high school diploma, General Education Development (GED) certificate, California High School Proficiency examination, or wish to catch-up on credits and re-enter a comprehensive or continuation high school.  The program utilizes the independent study format to meet these student needs.

The program has been adapted over the years to meet the evolving needs of students.  Students meet in small group classes of ten to sixteen students.  The group format was chosen for this teenage population to meet their needs for socialization and expression.  An additional benefit for the small group format is the group bonding that occurs between classmates.  These friendships help to extend a student's connection with the school.  Students are scheduled to meet at least once a week for four hours.

In an effort to meet career and vocational needs, students may participate in Santa Clara County's Regional Occupational Center (CCOC), a work experience program.  To help with vocational exposure and skills development, students are required to take a vocational inventory as part of their introduction to the program.  Also, as part of their required class time, students attend two computer labs to learn computer and multi-media skills.